Star Tribune 2018 Community Impact Report

To our subscribers, advertisers, business partners and supporters:

It might be said that there has never been a period in any of our lifetimes when it was more important to have an independent, professional and reliable free press.

During 2018—a dramatic and critical year for news reporting—Star Tribune was one of just a handful of independent major metropolitan news organizations in America. We’re proud to remain a fully staffed regional news source that reports on community, state and world events free of outside influences or corporate guidelines, interference or ties.

Every day, with your subscriptions and your advertising dollars, you support extraordinary, award-winning journalism and contribute to the continued health of the Star Tribune. We, in turn, produce original reporting that informs, protects, sustains and entertains.

With this 2018 Community Impact Report, we’re looking back at just some of the stories that made a real difference in 2018. The stories featured here highlight the diversity of coverage that Star Tribune strives to bring you week in and week out. I invite you to look back with us and to celebrate the unique value of independent journalism in Minnesota.

Read the entire report here.

And thank you for helping to make this possible going forward in 2019.


Mike Klingensmith
Publisher and CEO