Opportunity Knocks: It’s Front Door Fundraising!

Teams, Clubs, and Nonprofits: Your Organization Earns $20 for Each Hassle-Free Subscription

Welcome to the easy way to raise funds for your team, club, school, community organization, or other nonprofit. It’s Front Door Fundraising, the entirely new way for you to generate the money you need to fund your league, promote your club, and pursue your mission. Front Door Fundraising is the simple and completely turnkey sales program that you can deploy immediately to build your financial foundation quickly.

The Hassle-Free way to Fund Your Organization

  • The No-Headaches Program – Star Tribune handles all delivery and fulfillment. There’s no upfront investment and nothing to pre-purchase, store in your garage, or deliver to buyers.
  • A Sizable Profit – Every subscription you sell brings $20 straight to your organization.
  • A Product Your Supporters Value – The award-winning Star Tribune is home to the region’s largest and most-trusted team of newsgathering pros. It’s a purchase your supporters will be glad to make.
  • Quick Turnaround, Fast Payment – Your loyal supporters receive their subscriptions – and you receive your proceeds – in as little as two weeks.
  • Excellent Service and Support – Your fundraising program is backed by the Star Tribune’s customer service team, ensuring your boosters are 100-percent satisfied with their subscriptions.
  • Easy Gift-Subscription Options – Current subscribers can still support your fundraising efforts by easily purchasing gift subscriptions.

You Earn $20 for Each Subscription
Your sales reps can offer three different options to new subscribers:

✔ Seven-day delivery of the Star Tribune newspaper plus unlimited digital access for 13 weeks
✔ The Sunday Star Tribune for 26 weeks
✔ Premium Digital Access for 13 weeks

Get started with Front Door Fundraising today! Contact:

Dan Matthews
Face to Face Solutions