Our Heritage

In 1858, Minnesota became the 32nd state. A short nine years later, a daily morning newspaper was founded — the Minneapolis Tribune. Shortly thereafter, the Minneapolis Journal got its start as a daily evening paper. And that was followed in 1883 with the construction of the Stone Arch Bridge — a major Minneapolis icon to this day.

The year 1889 saw more competition enter the market with the founding of the daily morning paper, the Minneapolis Times. But that didn't last long as the Minneapolis Tribune purchased the Times in 1905. The next round of competition came in 1920 and took the form of a new daily evening paper, the Minnesota Daily Star (which later simplified it’s name to the Minneapolis Star).

By the middle of the Roaring ‘20s Minneapolis had three papers publishing daily —  the Minneapolis Tribune, the Minneapolis Journal and the Minneapolis Star. Years later the Cowles family purchased all three of the publications, eventually merging all of them into today's Star Tribune, the largest newspaper in the region.