Star Tribune Unveils “Front Door Fundraising” Program for Nonprofits

MINNEAPOLIS – Nov. 17, 2016 – Star Tribune Media Co., Minnesota’s largest media company, today unveiled “Front Door Fundraising,” a new initiative that enables youth sports teams, school organizations, and community nonprofits to sell Star Tribune subscriptions and retain $20 for each new subscriber they sign up.

Front Door Fundraising is a complete turnkey sales program that coaches, managers, and directors can deploy immediately to begin raising money to fund their organizations’ activities – complete with information kits, order forms, and other supporting materials. In their door-to-door selling, youth sales reps can offer three different options to new subscribers: seven-day delivery of the Star Tribune newspaper plus unlimited digital access for 13 weeks; the Sunday Star Tribune for 26 weeks; or Premium Digital Access for 13 weeks. Current subscribers can even participate by upgrading their subscriptions or giving Star Tribune subscriptions as gifts.

With Front Door Fundraising, nonprofit organizations enjoy a simpler, more profitable way to raise funds:

  • A Highly Manageable Program—Unlike other programs, with Front Door Fundraising, Star Tribune handles all delivery and fulfillment. There’s no upfront investment and nothing to pre-purchase, store, or deliver.
  • Attractive Margins—Every subscription sold yields $20 that goes straight to the nonprofit organization.
  • Quick Turnaround and Fast Payment–Customers receive their subscriptions – and organizations receive their proceeds – in as little as two weeks.
  • Excellent Service and Support–Your fundraising program is backed by the Star Tribune’s customer service team, ensuring your boosters are 100-percent satisfied with their subscriptions.
  • Easy Gift-Subscription Options–Current subscribers can still support the nonprofit’s fundraising efforts by easily purchasing gift subscriptions.

The nationally recognized Eastview Speech Team at Eastview (Minn.) High School has signed up to be one of the first organizations to sell Star Tribune subscriptions through the Front Door Fundraising program. According to Ryan Roseen, head speech coach, the program is well-aligned with the team’s plans. “We’re eager to take our fundraising efforts in a new direction, and we think the Front Door program is a great opportunity for our team,” said Roseen. “Working with the Star Tribune and their partner Face to Face Solutions allows us to offer a high-value product to our parents, supporters, and community members while we fund our team. We expect this initiative will be a big success for us this year.”

“This program is built to make things easy for every nonprofit organization, with no inventory or follow-up visits and very generous commissions,” said Laura Burkholder, Star Tribune director of consumer marketing. “More important, it continues Star Tribune’s legacy of supporting great causes in our communities.”

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